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Unfotunately the CNC is still down, so no templates for a while.


So you want to make a guitar and don't know where to start? It is probably easier than you think! Let me use my 13 years of guitar design experience to help you succeed. I have body designs that work with necks you can buy from several places, including Warmoth, Stewart-McDonald, even EBay. It's a great way to get started. More information can be found here. You can even get templates for a few models here that make it even easier, and I add more all the time.

Are you a little more advanced? I have plans for many guitars and basses. Our plans are designed using a CAD tool and are very precise.  Plans are plotted on E size paper (34" x 44") or larger.  Plans are delivered rolled up in a mailing tube to protect them.  NO FOLD MARKS! NOTICE: The USPS has changed their rules and I can no longer ship tubes outside the US! Those plans will be folded and mailed in a flat envelope.  Feel free to make extra copies of the plans for yourself, but please don't pirate them.  I have many hours invested in them.

Can't find the guitar you have dreamed of since you were in Jr. High? I also do custom designs.

I DO NOT release the electronic versions of my plans, in DXF, PDF, or any other format, so please don't ask!  If I do a custom design for you of your own creation, then I will send you the electronic version if you like, but not under any other circumstances.

All full guitar plans are $15.00 plus shipping and handling, body designs are $10.00 plus shipping and handling.  Domestic shipping costs are $6.00 USD.  Additional plans bought at the same time will add only $1.00 to the shipping cost. 

International orders - I made it easier for you guys to order.  Look for the button when you find your plans.  The shipping for International plans is a flat rate $21, plus $1 for each additional set of plans.

Please NOTE: All plans are available in Left-Hand for no additional cost.  Just E-Mail us after your purchase to let us know to do it lefty.  We like lefties here - they're fun to watch =).

I only accept PayPal for payment because it is the most accepted and safest domestic and international money transfer system.  If you don't have an account, you can get one for free here.  You can also use it for one-time credit card and E-Check purchases without getting an account.

Now that I have my day job back I will again be donating 10% of the gross income from this web site to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation .

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