The Melted Elf!

This is a totally original design I have been planing for years. I like guitars with flowing lines and came up with this one.

Here's the plan layout:

I'm going to start with the neck. I have the basic shape of the neck cutout, it just needs the back profile carved. I'm thinking of doing an ergonomic semi trapezoidal cut. Also, the fretboard will align to the neck using 1/4" dowels.

Here it is assembled. I'm using some stripy maple my son gave me for the neck and a piece of brown ebony my mom gave me from her shop.

I did a test cut of the carved top. Here it is with the neck. I'll probably make the cut a little shallower so I can use some quilted maple I have on hand for the top.

Here's the body, just off the CNC. Bubunga is REALLY heavy! 8 pounds!

A little bad news with the top. One little mistake in the program ruined two days progress.

Here's the new top. The photo doesn't do it justice.

More clamps!

Body rady to finish.

Stay tuned!