SO, you need to resaw a top into a bookmatched set? I have researched and come up with this method. I didn't invent it, but I love it!

First, I drill holes in the top corners. These will be used later to line everything up when it comes time to joint the edges.

Next set the table saw up so that it will cut right down the center. A zero-tolerance insert would be better, but I didn't have one. Next time I'll make one!

Use a piece of scrap to hold the work piece against the fence. This is really important! Cut a slot in the top and bottom.

Use a piece of scrap to make a jig like this. Adjust the screw so it barely pokes through the top. The slot you cut in the work piece will ride on that screw. The slot on top will be used to visually line up the top of the work piece with the band saw blade. If the screw is too long, remove the little blade guard that surrounds the blade and the screw head can go in there.

Here's a wide view of the setup.

Here's how the screw holds the bottom of the work piece lined up with the blade.

Use a wedge to keep the work piece from pinching the blade. Don't push hard! Let the blade do the work, just keep easy even pressure applied.

Cut complete!

Now, screw the two halves of the work piece together using the holes you drilled earlier. This keeps them lined up when you use the jointer on the bottom edge.

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