Miter Box

This is a build of a fretting miter box. It uses a template that you double-stick tape to the fretboard blank. For mine I had already put the radius on the blank, but you could do it either way. Templates are available from a few places, but I'm a cheap old #*%^@ so I made mine.

Here's the box with the template in there:

This shows my make-shift pin made from a dry-wall screw. I filed down the point so it fit snugly into the dimple.

This shows the board in the miter box. Since this photo I have changed the way I use it. I now use it the other way so that the cut stroke of the saw pushes the board against the side of the box. On the first board, I used my thumb to hold the board in place and it was numb for days!

The board is all cut.

This one shws the board profiled and pocketed for the dots.