Mini Tele Build

This is a small Telecaster guitar built from the plans located here. It starts with a 25" scale fretboard, cut off so that the 5th fret becomes th zero fret. The result is a small, beginner guitar. I used some reclaimed redwood from when I built a deck around my pool.

Here, I have already created a template and attached it to the body blank with double-sided tape. I am drilling the top side of the through-body string holes. I use the same Forstner bit to mark the centers of the mounting holes.

Here, with the template removed, you can see the dimples from marking the mounting holes. You can also see the cavities routed out. What's with the extra hole in the neck pocket? That's where I attach a handle for when I put on the finish of the body.

Here, you can see the dimples where I will put the string ferule holes, and connect to the top holes for the string pass-through.

This is a mock-up of the body with the bridge and pickup and the neck and fretboard templates to make sure everything fits.

Here I'm drilling the 7/8" hole for the output jack cup. The jig is hard to see but it is simply a piece of plywood held at 90 to another piece of plywood. Clamp the body to the jig, line it up, and it works great.

Getting ready to drill the hole for the wire that goes from the pickup cavity to the control cavity. Notice the board to guard against marking up the body with the side of the drill. Don't ask me how I know to do this!

Here I am soaking the redwood with thin super-glue in order to make it more dent-resistant. It is still pretty soft, but much more durable.

Fit checking the neck with the fretboard installed against the body. I will install the frets and finish them before carving the back of the neck.

Frets pressed in, not banged in. I use a fret caul from Stewart-MacDonald and my drill press.

Always use protection when working on the frets. On my latest, I didn't put on the aluminum tape before levelingg and had a lot more cleanup than I should have, so put it on first.

Fretting complete!

Carving complete! I used a rasp and sandpaper to do the carve.

Final assembly complete! Blue is my grand-daughter's favorite color, so blue it is!

Telecaster Bass control plate, and Electrosocket jack mount.

String ferules in place, and fairly straight.

Zero fret and string retainers.

Happy customer!

Proud gramma!

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