Micro Tilt

I wanted an easy and stable way to set the neck angle in the pocket. Fender used micro-tilt back a while, but with only one adjustment screw.

Here's my target body. It's really hard to figure out what angle would be required for this guy because you can't predict how the cone will deflect under string tension.

So I came up with a modified micro-tilt setup. I decided to use two set screws and only one attachment screw in the back.

Here's the pocket with the T-Nuts installed showing the set screw. I haven't drilled the hole for the third attachment screw.

Don't tell the government, but I finally found a good use for pennies. The set screws push against them, and they keep the screws from digging into the wood.

The finished setup. For a deliverable guitar I would alter a stock mounting plate, but this is my camp-fire guitar so it doesn't matter.

Here's the setup on another guitar with the modified plate.

I made an enhancement to the design by counter-boring a hole for the T-nut to go into. This makes it flush with the pocket to make it able to go lower.

Here's how I modified the plate.