This started with an old Epiphone 12-string acoustic I used to have. Well, I still have it - sort of. Years of living in the high desert caused it to dry out and the body exploded! Seriously, it exploded! It had a neck that bolted on like an electric guitar, so I kept it.

Ever since then I have wanted to built a guitar body for it. I decided to make it in the Danelectro style with an MDF body. With a CNC this would be easy, and probably only possible with the CNC the way I did it. I also have some genuine lipstick pickups that will sound great on a 12-string.

I made the body in slices that glue together, hence the Lego part. The two outer slices are 1/4" MDF and the center parts are 1/2". Once it is painted you won't even be able to tell. It will be a little thinner than most guitars, but that'll also be cool.

Here are the slices:

This is what it will look like inside:

And here's a mock-up:

Careful where you step!

Turns out that the sides were too 'floppy' during the machining process and didn't line up right, so I added more alignment holes around the ege and inserted screws into the scratch board as they were drilled. I also added a center piece on the top/center slice for more strength.

I can still get the pickup wires to the switch and back to the pots. The little notch near the bridge holes is for a ground wire.

I got some red paint on it, and the hardware installed. This is a 'player' guitar, so I didn't go all-out on the finish. I'm eventually going to make an arch-top body for this neck, anyway.

And here it is, complete! The sound is amazin! I'm in love with lipstick-tube pickups, and these are original Danelectro units.

Well, the experiemnt might be a total failure. The sound is awesome, but after a week or so the body started to warp and now the strings are WAY off the fingerboard! Time for a real-wood body wheen I get the chance.