Case Rehab

Ever need a case for an odd shaped guitar and you can't find one? I had that problem with the guitar for my grandson, the Pawn Shop Special. I had an old Strat case lying around that I rarely use, so I decided to convert it over. I've never done this before, and it didn't turn out looking too professional, but it works!

Here's what I started with:

Just a plain vanilla case from Hamer. I tore out the guts to see what was inside.

Fairly straightforward. I tore out all the old padding, leaving in the separator bar.

Then I laid the velvet back in place and put the guitar in. Barely fits!

Here's the donor foam I got out of the dumpster behind a Best Buy. It turns out I only needed a small piece.

Next, I used a hacksaw blade and cut pieces to fit around the guitar. I actually used the foam from the old padding and only needed a small piece.

Next, I made a dumb little sketch to show me where the pieces lined up.

I used the spray glue exclusively to reattach everything.

Then I used a scraper to get all the little pieces of foam off the back of the velvet, and blew everything out with air.

Next, I cut out some foam and glued that down to the bottom with the spray glue.

Then I sprayed the glue all around, folded the velvet over, and tucked it in around the blocks. All done!