Melody Maker Plan

The Melody Maker has been around for many years, and has had a few different shapes during that time. It started out looking like a single cut Les Paul Jr. with a thinner body, then morphed into something like an SG, then into this shape. It is now being reissued looking like the original single cut LP Jr. All the while, it has kept it's thin body (Only 1 3/8" thick) and it's narrow headstock.

My version uses Dual Rail pickups that fit into a single coil form factor, but you can use almost any Fender style single coil pickup. I have it drawn with the Wilkinson/Gotoh adjustable wrap-around bridge/tailpiece. The original used Gibson single coil pickups, the nonadjustable wrap-around bridge, and hokey vibrato system.

Many many thanks to Rich Ruisi for his inspiration and immense help in bringing this plan to life.