Blueshawk Plan

This guitar is Gibson's most Fender Sounding guitar to date. It has two single-coil pickups and a dummy coil switched in for noise cancellation. The pickups are similar to P-90s, and since you can't buy Blues-90 pickups, the plans call for P-90s. The dummy coil is simply a P-90 pickup with the magnets removed. It fits into a cavity on the back of the guitar body.

The bridge is also not sold separately, so the plans call for a Stratocaster style bridge. This is also a rarity for Gibson to use a 25 1/2" scale neck.

The wiring diagram is pretty intense. It switches between the two pickups, only enabling the dummy coil when one of the pickups is selected by itself. It also has a varitone switch for pre-selecting sound types. The diagram is a PDF file, found here. You can get the varitone switch from Big D Guitars.