Neil Greenfield

Hi Jamie, Neil Greenfield here from UK. You probably won,t remember me ordering plans for Gibson Melody Maker and ES335 from you. Just thought i,d drop you a line to say a big thanks for the drawings you sent,they really helped me in building the guitar that i was wanting.

I'd like to show you some pics of my finished project, its my take on the Gibson Melody Maker with some really tasty TV Jones Powertrons in the neck and bridge. (excuse the damaged nut, oops! i,m not an expert) I,d like to add though, i only have a small garage and some basic tools at my disposal, man what would I give for a fully kitted out workshop, ha ha! dream on Neil! I hope to start working on a version of the 335 soon as raise some cash. Anyway hope you like the pics.

Thanks again and take care of yourself.