Juha Laulumaa

Hi Jamie!

It's been a while since you showed your kindness with Telecaster Deluxe plans. If you don't remember me, our converstation around 4 months ago is attached to this mail underneath this text.

Well, at this point I just want to inform you that my Tele Deluxe project is going on pretty nicely. Your drawings helped a lot, i made some templates myself based on your drawings - couldn't do 'em without your plans. Thanks again.

The evening course which i'm taking has been irritatingly slow because you have to wait your turn to use the woodwork machines. Once a week, 2.5 hrs and around ten people. Almost half of the time has been just queueing..

But anyway, at the moment i have progressed into a point where almost all woodwork have been done. I just have to make the neck profile, file and even the frets and couple things with the body. Then it's done and I'm ready to do the finishing. I attached two jpg's to show you the work so far. It's just "fakely" put together :) If you want to know some details: The body is alder, i couldn't find any swamp ash easily enough around here, so i decided to use alder instead. Neck is maple with maple fingerboard. I was to do one piece neck, but unfortunately I messed up the fret slots I did. My first self made guitar, heh.. So I just decided to order pre-slotted maple fingerboard and glued it on.

I made the FRONT and back contour to the body. Some might say that that's not what you are supposed to do with vintage Tele, but I think that f**k 'em, this is a guitar for me and i do like the contours.

I got the pickguard and pickups (MIM reissue) from ebay. Process has been really rewarding and instructive so far. Finishing the body and neck is going to take some time, but I will send you the final images when it all has been done.

Thanks a lot again!

Juha, Finland