Greg Butzi

Hey, Jamie!

The parts I had ordered all came in over the past week, so I took my guitar down to the wood shop on campus and had at it for a little while. I'm a poor college student without access to a wellstocked woodshop, so I actually had to route the guitar using a power drill and a dremel. I went slow and the routin looks nasty as hell, but the parts all fit and any wood nastiness is covered by the tailpiece anyway.

As promised, here's a picture! I'm really fond of the way it looks, I couldn't have asked for anything better. Thanks for all your advice; I did have to use a shim to make the neck tilt backwards a bit. I was baffled last night about how I was going to fix the hilarious string height at the bridge, and then I remembered you mentioning something about it.

I still need to set the intonation on the bridge, so it's not quite playable yet, but i've messed around on it a little and I love the way it feels. Let me know if you want more / better pictures; my digital camera is out of batteries so I had to use my phone for this one.

Thanks again!