Glenn Phillips

Hello Jamie, bought some plans from you a while back, I was all fired up to go and make my own guitar. Then my wife and I were blessed with a wonderful baby boy. 18 months later our lives started to return to some kind of normality. Then what do ya know, along comes a wonderful baby girl. My wife and I are now really, really blessed.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I finally finished making my Red Special clone, just this weekend, about 3 years behind schedule. It's based on your plans but with some significant changes.

I remember asking you about the position of the tremolo, it was in the wrong place on my plans, I checked out the correct position using the calculator on the Stu Mac website and it got me thinking. If I was going to make a modification I might as well go and make a whole bunch more.

I changed the scale length to 24 3/4" - the Gibson scale length because I felt the 24" scale length of the original was too twangy for my tastes. I kept the overall length of the guitar the same but had to loose one fret - only has 23 now. A little weird I know, but that was all I could get with one fret on an extended fret board.

I decided not to make it a semi acoustic body. I chose to use Alder as the wood for the solid body.

I decided not to use the burns pick ups or the original wiring. I fitted Seymour Duncan hot rails in the bridge and neck positions with a normal single coil in the middle. The wiring is two coil taps for the hot rails and a phase reverse for the middle, plus an on/off for each pick up. Kind of keeping the original 'character' but different.

I've finished it in a 'vintage worn cherry' stain and oil on the body and nitro lacquer cherry on the neck.

It plays like a dream, I'm really, really happy with the sound of it, loads of sustain but not too brittle sounding, hope you like the pictures. Although I made a few tweaks, your plans were still the heart and soul of the guitar. I hope you feel like I've done them some justice, because I'm enjoying playing my new guitar as much as I enjoyed making it.

best wishes,

Glenn Phillips.