About us

A little information about me. I have been designing guitars off-and-on since 2001 and I decided to try and sell some. I have drawn other instruments besides electric guitars for friends including two acoustics and a couple of mandolins. I served on a design review team for the MIMF, as well.

Most of my plans are laid out so that you can cut the templates off and paste them onto your template stock and you're ready to cut. I include fretting guides as well so you can paste them onto your fingerboard blank and start cutting fret slots and inlay dot holes. NO MEASURING! I also include wiring diagrams. These plans are NOT tutorials for building guitars. Some knowledge of guitar building is assumed. If you are new to guitar building, here is a web site that can show you the basics of building using templates and routers.

One cause I am very supportive of is the search for a cure for breast cancer. My last wife lost her life to breast cancer. Her sister has lost both breasts to cancer. The thought of any one of my grand-babies having to battle this disease is horrifying. I strongly urge everyone to make a donation to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

But all is not sad - I am remarried again and madly in love! Next time I'm marrying for money!