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There are some changes to the body-only designs!  New easier to use format.  Check them out here!

New template!  Les Paul, with a neck!  Check it out here.

New plan!  PRS inspired mandolin.


Check this out!  It's a custom template made for Andy Heslin.  It's for an octave mando shaped like a Tele!

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They're here!  Hard body templates!  Now it's easy to make a guitar body!  Click here for more info. I just added a Stratocaster set!

New one:  Billy Bo

Coming soon - CNC services!



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    Guitar Plans Unlimited offers a selection of guitar plans for guitar builders with some experience.  Our plans are designed using a CAD tool and are very precise.  Plans are plotted on E size paper (34" x 44") or larger.  Plans are delivered rolled up in a mailing tube to protect them.  NO FOLD MARKS!  Feel free to make extra copies of the plans for yourself, but please don't pirate them.  I have many hours invested in them.

I DO NOT release the electronic versions of my plans, in DXF, PDF, or any other format, so please don't ask!  If I do a custom design for you of your own creation, then I will send you the electronic version if you like, but not under any other circumstances.

  All guitar plans are $15.00 plus shipping and handling, body designs are $10.00 plus shipping and handling.  Domestic shipping costs are $6.00 USD.  Additional plans bought at the same time will add only $1.00 to the shipping cost. 

International orders - I made it easier for you guys to order.  Look for the 'Buy Me INTL' button when you find your plans.  The shipping for International plans is a flat rate $10, plus $1 for each additional set of plans.

Please NOTE: All plans are available in Left-Hand for no additional cost.  Just E-Mail us after your purchase to let us know to do it lefty.  We like lefties here - they're fun to watch =).

I only accept PayPal for payment because it is the most accepted and safest domestic and international money transfer system.  If you don't have an account, you can get one for free here.  You can also use it for one-time credit card and E-Check purchases without getting an account.

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  Any plan may be modified to suit your pickup or bridge preferences, just E-Mail me with your request and I'll quote a price.  Most upgrades are free!  Anything can be worked out, just send us an E-Mail.

  Got an idea for a guitar but can't do the design work?  I also do custom plans from scratch.  A rough sketch in electronic format is all that's needed to get started.  E-Mail the sketch and other requirements.

    I have removed two of the plans (Strat and Tele) because they are in direct competition with our good friends at Musical Instrument Makers Forum.  If you want a standard Stratocaster or a Telecaster, I have provided links where you can purchase them.  The only Strat I have is a hard-tail which is not offered there.

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